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Should I stop taking my medications to do neurofeedback training?

No.  Continue to take your prescription medicines.  As your brain self regulates, you may be able to decrease or discontinue medications under your doctor’s supervision.  Never decrease or discontinue your medication without your doctor’s permission!  Neurofeedback has helped those on blood pressure medications to decrease their dosage.  Be sure to talk with your doctor about neurofeedback and your medications.

What should I expect from neurofeedback training?  

•               Sense of calm
•               Focused sense of clarity
•               Fears subsiding
•               Increased flexibility in different life situations
•               Uplifted spirit
•               Increased task orientation and completion

The American Pediatric Association recommends neurofeedback for ADHD as a Level 1 Intervention.  Neurofeedback is FDA approved for stress management.  Throughout the world, there have been over 1.2 million neurofeedback sessions.  Major improvement was noticed, on average, after 15-20 sessions. Results do vary, and there are very few people who have minimal results.

Will my insurance cover the costs?

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is considered to be a training process and not a medical intervention therefore it is not generally covered under most insurance plans.

Do people experience any negative side effects from NeurOptimal?

Some people may feel tired or have emotions surface after a session.  It is important to space sessions apart so the brain has time to adjust and integrate to change.  Your trainer will check in with you about how you are feeling over the course of your treatments.